Automotive Services Saving You Thousands

Don't Get Stuck Paying These High Prices

Auto Repair Bill

Introductory Maintenance

Oil Change
Take advantage of three free oil changes (up to five gallons) during the first year of your service contract.
Auto Brakes
Enjoy a complimentary brake replacement during the first year of your service contract.
Car Battery Replacement
Within the first year of your contract, get a new battery, or use a credit of up to $100 to purchase the battery of your choice.
Auto Fluids
Take advantage of a free cooling system flush during the first year of your service contract, which includes a pressure check and thorough inspection.


John Anderson
John Anderson
I would like to express my gratitude for Vehicle Shield's auto warranty services. I've been a happy customer for the last two years since I've had excellent customer service and a simple claims process. It has really changed everything, saving me the worry of unforeseen repair bills. I can now go with confidence knowing that there won't be any problems thanks to Vehicle Shield. I heartily urge anyone looking to protect their investment to use their services.
Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez
Vehicle Shield has continuously surpassed my expectations in my experience. I can always count on their team to promptly resolve any queries or worries I may have regarding my vehicle warranty. There is transparency in the claims procedure and easily comprehensible explanations are provided. I have a sincere interest for Vehicle Shield's clients and their cars. I wouldn't put my trust in any other firm to secure my car.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson
The firm to contact if you're searching for an affordable and dependable auto warranty is Vehicle Shield. Since I've been a customer for three years, their service has prevented me from having to pay for expensive repairs. The peace of mind it offers is priceless, and the coverage is extensive. Their friendly personnel and simple claims procedure make handling auto problems a joy. All of my friends and family have used Vehicle Shield, and they have all reported having comparable good experiences.